Weight Loss – a matter of taste!

This weekend I’ve had the first cold of this season and I’ve felt pretty ill. (Why is it that when the children pass on their cold to you that you always get more ill than they did?) I found, as is quite common that I had no sense of taste. I found that although I got hungry and fancied certain foods that I just didn’t feel satisfied when I had eaten them because they didn’t taste right and so I carried on eating, looking for something else to satisfy the taste craving.   This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this happening when I have a cold but it is not very often nowadays that I eat until I feel overfull and that I don’t feel satisfied once I’ve eaten, so it was strange for me.

The system I use with my clients focuses very much on eating the foods that you want, when you want it and depriving yourself of nothing.  To most people it sounds like a recipe for disaster to just keep on eating everything, but it actually works when you combine it with addressing the real issues that keep you overweight and with hypnotherapy.

The reasons most people overeat is very much like the reasons I was overeating this weekend – because the food is not satisfying the craving.  Most overeating stems from not addressing what you really want or crave and then not feeling satisfied.  When this happens you keep on eating more and more, trying to  satisfy that craving.    

Woman looking in fridgeThis can be for 2 reasons; the first is that you know what you want to eat but you think you shouldn’t, usually because of an idea that the food you want is ‘bad’ or ‘unhealthy’ and so you actually eat something else that you think you ought to.  Because it wasn’t what you really wanted and the thing you ate doesn’t satisfy the craving or need, you keep on eating, more and more, until eventually you eat the thing you wanted in the first place and then you feel sick and probably guilty.  How many extra calories did you consume trying to put off eating the thing you wanted all along?  That’s not going to help with your weight loss!

The second reason may be that you didn’t want food at all and that your hunger is not physical but emotional.  In which case, it doesn’t matter how much you eat, you will never feel satisfied because you have not addressed the emotional need underneath and you will simply feel worse because you have overeaten, compounding the problem.

Using hypnotherapy to address weight loss you can learn to identify what you really want to eat and adjust the kinds of foods you enjoy.  You can also find the real reasons you overeat and address those issues too in a safe and non-judgmental space. 

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